Friday, October 14, 2011

Red Lipstick day 5 and other stuff

I had a -lot of fun wearing red lipstick this week..I don't wear it often but I am going to now.
I felt a little afraid to wear red..but not anymore.. I now this was a silly week of blogging but sometimes silly is good...getting over little fears is good too..even if its a fear that's as silly a wearing red lipstick!!!
OK so
Its Friday night and I am on my couch thinking about what other thing is challenging me right now,
What challenge could I try for next week..

Do you have some small thing that you could try to overcome next week..
maybe something you would like to do but your a tad afraid too..
or maybe the challenge just feels to big..
baby steps works for me. Instead of looking at the big picture maybe just trying it for 5 days would be a good start..You know feeling it out.
I have not really ran for more than 2 days in a week since my last 50k that I couldn't finish..
I haven't really felt like running but my mood would be way better if I ran at least 5 days next week..but for me that would mean going early in the morning and I don't like getting up early so would mean getting up yucky early and exercising...
OK so that's were my brain is....

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