Thursday, October 13, 2011

What I am grateful for today !!

So I had to write my grateful list today !
It was calling me.
I am grateful for the Ideas that fill my head..
Ideas of pretty little paintings.
The time it took to create them.
The state of mind your head is in when one gets to play with paints.
The five letter word Peace..
Peace that I pray will fill my heart.
Peace that we pray the world will find.
Peace that surrounds us when we stop to look.
The hope that this word brings..
May that word be with all of us...

I am grateful for the world outside my house.
I am grateful that we have fresh air and cool nights.
I am grateful for the earth under my feet.
I am grateful that the beach is close enough I can run there.
I am grateful for who ever invented making wishes...
For when we close our eyes and make a wish our heart is full of hope.
We believe...
That a little bit of magic we all have.

I am so grateful for a good cup of coffee....
I grateful for foam I drink at the bottom that is followed with a bit of sugar...
The sugar I put in the coffee that went straight to the bottom and is waiting for me.
I love drinking my coffee fast.
since I wait for it to be kinda warm, I have to drink it fast or it will be cold..yuck cold coffee!!
I am grateful for the past month that I have spent with my little sister.
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