Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thats all I am doing this Thursday

I am sitting here at the hospital with my little sister. She is doing a little better. That’s a good thing. I have my yellow cowboy boots on and my very colorful scarf on. The scarf that makes me feel better. My sister is sporting lovely blue gown compliments of the hospital. We sit here together day after day and there usually is no Internet here so today is a lucky day for that. My sister has been unable to eat so she will be getting a feeding tube later today. I was against it at first because I thought, really another freaking feeding tube, like my sister needs another surgery… However, after the doctor spoke to my mom and explained that she needs the proper nutrition to get stronger, my negative feelings of a feeding tube faded. My sweet sister sits here quietly like a sweet angel. She can’t speak at the time because she has a tracheotomy and I do ALL of the talking. She knows my entire life now. I read magazines to her, specially my old Summerset magazines. The pictures are fun for her to look at. I now watch TV with Carmen ...Ok so our favorite new show is the Ellen Show. I know it is not new to TV but it is new to us. I love the way she dresses and dances she seems very real. Love it... I love that she does not really have any food on her show too. Why because if Carmen and I are watching TV and food comes on my sweet sister tells me she is hungry:( That makes me sad.

I am also spending lots of time with my mom. She sleeps here so when I get here in the morning we talk.. That’s nice too. Ok so when I walk into my sister’s room in the morning I love seeing her. I miss knowing that she is consistently ok. It’s amazing how much we all have to give. I guess I never really thought about it before but as human beings we do not really run out of love to give. Maybe its like the more love you practice giving the more love you make inside of you. Thats a nice thought.
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