Friday, October 21, 2011

A week of journaling...done

This week I challenged myself to journal for a week. I did it ( yeah me ) and I am glad I did. I think its very therapeutic to not think and just write and draw and water paint. Water paints are fun because you can really relax and get in touch with that kid inside of you that just wants to paint.

its fun to see pretty things show up on you paper.

My favorite saying  that I heard in my head was do not be afraid for I am with you always.

Does that ever happen to you ? Your writing in your journal and there it is ...That message you needed to hear ? I really try to clear my mind and listen to for it..Once in a while I hear it..
OK so I love journals
I love pens
I love pencils
I love watercolors
I love letting go AND just creating
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