Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I took a sewing class ! and I loved it !

I was blog surfing the other day . I had Isabella sitting with me and I looked at this super cute skirt this girl said she made and I thought I want to make a skirt too... so I googled sewing classes in San Diego and found this cute little sewing store Home EccStudio
that teaches How to make a skirt class!!!!
I was so excited I signed up and next thing you know ...There I was taking a sewing class and making my own skirt. I was a little nervous thinking I might not have enough time to finish it. The teacher was very patient and knowledgeable and the other students were very sweet. It was a cozy class room and I rate this cute little store 4 stars. I was able to keep up and I finished my skirt in about 2 hours :) I am very proud of myself.
So you know what I a thinking about right? Making a skirt for Isabella and Paola and my cute nieces.
I love being a girl and loving all things girly!!!
So I was thinking what is your favorite thing you learned to make this year or what was your favorite class, on line classes totally count?

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