Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Space Between part 3

I made some wonderful friends at this retreat.  It’s so cool to show up at a new place and put ones self out there.  Although I was scared, I learned that most of the girls there were feeling the same way as me, AWE. They were also looking forward to making new friends.  Within no time at all everybody was sharing their story on what led them to the retreat.  Telling us all about their interest, their family and how much they love Art.
How Art has healed them or openned up parts of them they had forgot excisted. How happy they are to be here… Just like ME!!!

Art retreats are the BEST!!!  They help you grow and nurture your inner being. I really liked Patty's retreat.  I added her blinkie to my blog, if you want to check it out and spend a weekend in the mountains with your girlfriends painting and journaling...
In A LOVING environment
Hope you had a great weekend.
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