Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Hump-day Grateful List.

Today I have so much to be grateful for..
These are some perfect things that happened today.
1.  I am healthy , my kids are healthy.
( We no longer have bronchitis  )
2. Isabella and I practiced making a good bed.

( it was so much fun )
3. Isabella and I busted out our sewing machines and made a cute little smock top for her.
I did the cutting she did the sewing and I have pictures...
happy mom here!!!
I was so grateful to see her little hands on my machine...
4. My 17 year old daughter hung out with me in bed today and just talked to me, this is a time in her life when there is so much going on I am grateful to hear her just say so mom what do you think? and then are you ready I am so grateful that she decided to say I totally agree with you mom..
we bonded, aI felt it I tell you !!!
5. This morning I woke up and then I looked down and my son was sleeping with me holding my hand..
I am so grateful for these little moments with him.
6. I am kinda happy that I was actually sick enough all I could do was rest because it made me slow down and when I did there we were my kids and me.
7. I saw an old friend Becky today at the store and I was so happy to see her..
8. I am grateful that  my mom  called me about ten times over the weekend to see how I was doing ?
every time she called I just wanted to say I love you.
9. Today I made pot roast for my kids and they ate all there veggies..
I was grateful and happy but I did not show it at the table because I didn't want them to stop eating..
10. I am grateful that I have my own house and I am slowly decorating it, for example my old Kelly rea 2011 calendar I took it apart and my bathroom is now so Kelly. Yeah !!!
Thank you for stopping by I know my list might be a little out there today but I am excited for today.
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