Monday, January 16, 2012

Saturday Morning Run

My dad and I have our Saturday morning run almost every week.  I haven't really been running because life gets busy and for some reason I don't do well in the winter. I do know how much I love running because it makes me happy and its just good for me. I was very happy this Saturday to get up on time and meet my dad for a ten mile run. Its so nice to go for a run early in the morning there is no one out and the air is crisp. 

We ran around downtown San Diego..
Its my favorite run right now. OK ,so I have bronchitis
and my dad and I decided that maybe if I ran with him I might get better...hmmm
I did run but no I didn't get better.
so maybe running was not the smartest thing to do when your sick.
Lesson Learned..I still had a great time and as you can see my dad he is a funny guy..
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