Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New Year is here...

Happy New Year
I know I am a couple of days late but that's OK.  This picture was taken right before the new year and I think its my favorite picture of 2011..
It is a picture of the four of us. My mom and my two sisters. Its the only good picture I have of the four of us. I have been feeling the new years buzz in my tummy .. That means I have been feeling a great urge to  journal about 2011 and bring that year to an end . Last year my word was brave and I feel I was just that brave in standing up for my self, Brave in letting go. I just felt that word most of the year.
This year my word didn't really come to me. I felt I had to look for it and I came up with two words. One word is my word for my creative life..
I love to journal and draw in my books but I feel that my journal has taken much more of a healing path for me. I used to journal what I did everyday. It would go something like this. Today I got up and made breakfast got the kids up and took them to school. everyone was happy. I would write down almost everything that happened in my day ..for years I have don't this but now I feel that journal has become  a safe place for me write down anything I want to stop worrying about and I write down my grateful list and how I am feeling about a certain life event that day and its much juicier than before. I am going to try to make it a habit the year to journal and use my journals to help myself just be settled.
The word that I chose for this year in general is
determinationI really want to be more determined to finish what I start.
that come in many forms..
Learning to cook better
Finish way more craft projects
Get out side more with my kids
and yes once again I want to do another 50k this year . This year I want to finish it.
run 2 marathon
go on a road trip that inlcudes fishing with my kids.
All good fun things and this year I will be 40.
I love that idea...
I am excited for this year and I hope you are too...
Happy New year

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