Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paper Crafting Love

I am Loving the idea of starting a scrapbook this year. Its always so much harder for me to just start. I do what I think most of us do I start looking at other people pages and then I doubt myself but I decided that I'm no longer comparing myself because honestly nothing good comes of it. I decided to use what supplies I had right in front of me. Since I just moved I have 90% of my supplies in boxes but I was still able to make a basket of cute stuff to get me started. This is my first page of 2012.
Its simple and I have to say the size is kinda of odd but like I said I had two albums in front of me and so I just picked one. 

So here is my method..
I am going to do at least one page a week .
This is my introduction page.

I did a simple page for my kids . Stating what I feel I have learned front them in 2011. My lesson was this instead of trying to make them something there not I feel I was able to recognize what makes them special and love them for it. I find myself being more aware of there little personalities and what they love doing. This year I determined to document what I see in them and journal about it and make some cute pages too...
Happy Wednesday

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