Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Grateful List..week 2

Happy Tuesday
Here is my list of what I am grateful for week 2 of 2012.
1. The way the sunlight shines in my bedroom early in the morning.
2. The sound of my children's voices asking me if they can sleep for 5 more min but only on school mornings ??
3. Morning Coffee in my special cup.
4. The perfect pen.
5. The beauty of a full moon.
6. Dancing in the car with my kids.
7. The art of day dreaming.
8. Holding hands.
9. Soft , warm blankets on cold nights.
10. Long naps in the afternoon.
Those are the things that are making me smile today. I have not had a nap in the afternoon in a long time but it sure does sound good in my head. Have a great day and guess what last night I stayed up scrapping. I had a conversation with my friend Ally and we talked about paper crafting and It made me think..I loved scrapping, so I made a little kit and started up. I love how the new year helps get you all excited about almost everything.
Happy Tuesday

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