Friday, January 27, 2012

Running story week 3

I really do say yes when ever any one I know says G do you want to go for a run ?
This weekend my dad called me around 7 am and said Princess i am on my way and would you like to go for a run ?
So I hurry up run down stairs make coffee run back upstairs and get ready and in about 25 minutes my dad is at my front door ready to go...I had my coffee not the best thing for you to have before a run but it works for me.. Then we walked out the front door and had a fun 7.25 mile run. I am always glad to get my butt out side and running makes me feel healthy. Its been hard to go out and run since my grandmother passed and my sister got sick. I haven't figured out a way to fit running in my schedule . So if I can figure out a way to go regularly I will. So as I said when I get asked if I would like to do a race I say Yes
..So I was asked by my girlfriend Ally Serrato to do this race called the Spartan Race . Ally just started running and she is super excited about this sport and I love her so I said Yes...The race is this Sunday and its an obstacle mud run course...and I am feeling a little O M G ..but I know it will be fun and I like the idea of creating fun memories with my friend...OK then my sister in law asked me months ago if I wanted to do the Tinkerbell Half Marathon with her and I said
I was so excited at the thought of running with family and I really want to dress up as a fairy so I signed up a long time ago and then asked my other girlfriend to join us. So now my friend and family are running a half w me..How fun don't you think??
It turns out both races are this weekend!!!
One on Saturday and one on Sunday..I am glad I said Yes to both because we should celebrate life right?? but I am sure come Sunday night I will be so tired..I do love having something to look forward too that's going to kick my butt...I will tell you the whole story and I hope to have some good pictures too..
Have a good Day and if you remember this weekend send me some   Go G vibes...
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