Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Racing Weekend Recap

This Saturday I did the spartan race. This is what I have to say this was the hardest I have ever worked for a medal. This race kicked my butt...I carried rubber tires and cement blocks were dragged . There was running and that was fun but the climbing hills on all fours that was so crazy hard. I think I would do it again but if you would have asked me that right when I finished I would have said no way Jose !!!!

Then on Sunday I ran the Tinker Bell half Marathon with my girlfriend.. This was fun and hey I got to run with huge fairy wings..

As you can tell I had a great time and we got to run through Disney land. We also got to see many many characters..

Then there is this medal... I love it !!! This weekend was a huge success. I had a great time and I got run and now I am sitting here with a very sore legs..but it was all worth it...
Hope you had a great weekend...
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