Sunday, February 5, 2012

Almost Valentines day

List of things to look forward to this week.
1. Get all my Valentines in the mail early..
2. Take Paola to get new glasses..
3. Run 10 miles before Friday.
4. Attend training run on Thursday.
5. The San Diegito Half Marathon on Sunday.
6. Make a yummy dinner.
7. Movie night on Monday with my kids.
8. Finish my little tiny doll dress
9. Spend lots of time with my sister.
10 Take 10 pictures a day.
11. Trip to Mexico.
12. Get dressed up one day this week just cause.
13. Go with my dad to a play on Tuesday.
14. Relaxing on Saturday..
15. Take my Grandmother flowers..
What are you looking forward this week..
What ever it is enjoy it..
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