Monday, February 6, 2012

I have a secret.. this little girl in the picture wearing a home made dress by her grandmother has loved playing with dolls ever since she could hold one...I mean seriously loved playing with dolls. She would put all her dollies to bed every night before she went to bed and made sure they all had a blanket..even if that blanket was a paper towel. The day this little girl would walk through a toy store she would cry because she felt so bad leaving all those dolls in boxes and  she knew they all wanted to come home with her so she could be there mommy...She was playing hospital with her baby dolls one day at the age of 16 when suddenly she was reminded by her brother to hurry up and get ready because she would be going on her first date in about ten minutes...That little girl is me...

and I still love playing with dolls. I love making them clothes and posing them...and so as an adult I do have to say that I am so in love with my sweet Blythe Doll. Here is my secret and well its true...I love taking her in the car with me..Is that weird??? I like seeing her in the back seat and since Isabella thinks it so cool , then I give myself permission to think so too. I take Lilli my doll to my sister's and she smiles when she sees her. I love the Idea of  having her around and seeing her in her cute outfits I made..and sometimes I like  just relaxing and hanging out with my Blythe that I so proudly named Lilly Octopus
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