Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happiness is Good

I have been working on my happiness attitude. When things feel out of my control I close my eyes and I tell myself Miss G an hour from now you will feel so much better. This is just a feeling and even though it seems very real just let it pass and then just accept it and take a couple steps forward. This give me clarity and maybe not a-lot but in moments when I feel like it just to much to handle. A little goes a long way.

I also want to remind you how important it is if you are a crafty girl to always carry a note book in your bag. If you jump over to Elsie's Blog she has been sharing really inspirational ways to make your own journal. The journal Idea works well when practiced. I find that if make it a habit to draw an idea or just write a simple thought in my moleskin it actually honestly helps me feel good inside. I am not sure if it simply inspiring to just write or maybe its coming in touch with your creative self a couple times a day that feels so good.

I know I write this all the time but exercising is so helpful. Walking , jogging ,yoga or even better dancing. Close the door and turn up the music and dance. Its so good for you when your not feeling 100%.

Here is another little secret that works for me. Play. Playing is different for al of us but give yourself permission to play. Some days I play by making doll clothes and other days its taking my camera out and taking pictures. Let yourself figure what playing looks like for you. Then practice playing.

I feel that my soul needs to be nurtured and believe me I could have had let my heart turn into a rock but I choose to be a happy mom and a loving patient human being. I find that when I don't do the little things that I wrote about. I don't feel so great. So I paint when I can. I run when I can. I draw in my journal and write little notes. I stop often and take deep breaths and close my eyes and I have a lot of faith. I felt like sharing this with you..

Good Night.
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