Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I am so grateful we are ok.

Holy Cow..I have to share with you what happened this morning and what I am so grateful for..

I was on my way to take my two little ones to school this morning. There was a red light ahead of me so I slowed down and stopped about 3 feet from the car in front of me. I was talking to my kids when suddenly out of no where someone hit my car from behind really hard. ( I drive a Prius ) I heard my Bella start to cry and next thing I know I am hitting the car in front of me. It was really scary. I was just at the red light waiting and suddenly it happened.. I pulled over and the car in front of me did too but the car that hit me was gone..I never saw it..He drove away. I held my kids and thanked God they were OK. The guy who I hit jumped out of his car looked at mine and said I am fine..suddenly got back in his car and he was gone.

All I could think is I am so grateful that my kids are OK. I am OK. We had our seat belts on. The kids were sitting straight. I was grateful the seat belts worked and most of all that I could hold them in that moment and reassure them that they were safe.
Driving is not to be taken lightly..texting and driving is not OK.

I am going to be crazy safe for a while because it really made me realize once again hoe fragile we really are. So drive safe and be careful.
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