Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My friend jenny and I

 Jenny was my first best friend.  I met her shortly after arriving here from Mexico. (Yes, my hair looks horrible.  I know it's a bad perm. I just had to get that in there so I can move on with my story.)  Jenny and I hit it off right away. We were about 8 when we met and Jenny was really, really shy and well lets just say I was not.  We were a good pair.  Some of the things I loved about Jenny when we first met was her blonde hair, blue eyes and how we both loved to draw and write each other notes.   Jenny and I also liked sitting around and watching MTV. 
 When I was about 10 my family and I moved within a mile from her house...How cool is that?  Jenny is an amazing artist... When we were little and we would spend endless nights at each others house.  I constantly asked her to draw me unicorns and I would sit next to her and watch in aw...  She comes from a family of artist... I would draw Holly Hobbie and Jen would draw horses... We never fought we just hung out..
 Jenny became a baker and I became a wife and mom... She would fly out and visit me when I lived in Colorado.  Whenever I would fly to San Diego I always made sure I saw her. We have always stayed in touch..
 A couple years ago I got divorced and Jen and I broke up. It was terrible because I lost both of my closest friends... It took over a year for us to be able to talk again.. What happened sucked, ROYALLY 
but as time went by I felt a huge need to forgive.. I needed to make it better somehow for both of us. I missed my best friend. 
So we talked we cried we made up and I am so glad we did. Jenny is a total crafter and what I mean by that is when we get together we make stuff. So my little sister was in the hospital for about 6 months and I was there as much as I could be.. Usually 5 days a week.. Near the end of her extensive hospital visit Jen and I made up.. So she started coming to visit my sister and I.  Being the crafter that Jenny is she said "lets make pillows, lets draw, bring your stuff and ill bring mine." So within a week my sisters room looked amazing.. We made so many cute things.. I still take care of my sister now that she is home and recently, I asked Jenny if she wanted to make some stuff to sell on Etsy..  I have all these paintings that I have wanted to put on Etsy for a long time and Jenny makes the coolest pillows.  Her paintings are cute to..  So I put some of our stuff on Etsy.  So if you want to go check out my new little shop it is on the side bar... Jen's stuff is also in my shop.. I know its a long story but I feels good to tell it... We have been friends for 32 years.. She was my maid of honor and she was there when I had my first baby. 
Ps. I sold my 1st painting with in hours of opening my store.

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