Friday, March 9, 2012

Tranquil 4 ever

I look at this and I think about all the Art retreats I have attended...  I love hanging out with other girls and making art.  What I have found out is that when you go to an Art retreat with an open heart beautiful thing happens.  I have made so many friends that hold a special place in my heart and will last a life time.  I totally know who the girls are on my little boat. One held our hearts and helped us heal in Manzanita. The other brought us to a place that held inner peace while our leader lead us through this journey.. I wish I could attend retreats all the time.  While I was sitting on my dinning room table thinking about the friends I have made, just painting away, my girl friend Elena came over and sat next to me. She picked up a brush and added her artistic touch to this piece.  This peice is special to me because my friend added her love to it..  So there you go..  I have so much to learn and I am loving the process... Remember friends life is a journey not a destination.
Hope you have a great day..xoxo

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