Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Color and a good tune

One of the things my little sister enjoys is looking at well manicured nails.  She also loves having her nails done... So consequently I have been purchasing more nail polishes... I am having a great time checking out all the fun colors available.

I also love adding coats of glitter.. The problem with glitter is getting it off takes a lot of patience but I still like it!!!

Grey is fun too and it makes me feel hip... My sister only likes pinks and reds, I do not like either.

This one is my favorite...

Here I went with a layer of purple with confetti... I like the effect but once again it took forever to get it off...

This is one of my favorite pictures... I love my little sisters hands... they're small and chunky...

Have a happy Sunday ...if you live in San Diego than you must be in the middle of our big storm, so try and stay dry. I also wanted to share a song that I am seriously loving right now..

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