Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ten Miles Later.

Part 2
 of Saturday morning run.
So after I finally got up this morning and made coffee,  I got my gear ( water bottle and Gu and headphones ) then I got in the car drove 20 minutes to Lake Mira Mar to meet my dad. I felt really tired and grumpy so It was nice when I stepped outside and realized the weather was perfect running weather.That would be a little chilly. It is 5 miles around Mira Mar Lake so we went around twice and then did some walking so we could chat. My dad beat me the first time around and I beat him the second time around. I was not told we were racing until after we were done. I had my I phone and I was listening to Pandora.. I listen to the Micheal Jackson station when I need to feel groovy. 
So when this song came on I was so happy. I ran a little faster and snapped my fingers and at that moment I realized this is why I run. Moments like this.. Just pure happiness in that moment living. Its so great when you recognize that. It does not happen always but today I felt groovy and happy as I ran and since I started out grumpy it was a nice difference. So with this tunes in my ears and perfect running weather life was feeling good. After my dad and I went to Denny's and had banana pancakes and coffee.
So even though I really wanted to stay in bed this morning I am glad I made myself wake up and go..sometimes the stuff we don't really want to do end up being the things that make us happy..
So ten miles later I was smiling.

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