Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Monday Peeps

Sorry..I was gone for so many days..I have not been feeling great. I think this is my...Holy Cow I feel like crap season.. It happens to everyone. I do look forward to feeling better soon..This weekend my highlight was spending almost the whole weekend with my kids and my dad. We went swimming and had pizza. I was going to run the La Jolla Half marathon but I really did not feel up to it so I asked my dad to run for me and he said sure...So Sunday morning we got up at 5:45 am and my dad got ready and I drove him to the start line not with out stopping at McDonald's first...Then I dropped him of and I went to cheer him on..Just like he does for me but guess what ?? He never heard me yelling DAD !!! and I just got to see him pass by...
Thats ok..He knows I was there and I have pictures.. It was strange to watch the race and not be part of it but it was nice that I finally got to be there for my dad...Hope you have a great day...
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