Monday, April 30, 2012

Making me smile

I am loving this version of this song.. I love when I hear a song and it makes me smile.
I love Ingrid. Her voice is magical don't you think ? I feel like if magic had a voice it would sound like Ingrid. I am heading to I tunes to get buy this right now.. 
I am feeling the need to write as I am taking this week to just nurture me.  I am working on my smile this week..Smile G... I am wondering if turning 40 in 18 days has something to do with feeling like I need lots of chamomile Tea. Maybe its that my grandmothers birthday is coming up and I miss her tiny voice.. I guess I am more scared than anything.. Not of getting old but of not having accomplished enough for 40.. Being in this state of Oh my gosh what will become of me... and providing for my children.. I would love to go away for a 3 day retreat and just be around artistic woman who 
believe in each other.. Those retreats really help clear your mind. They bring your soul such peace. I am a happy person and I know that..I will get my smile back this week too..Even if I have to drink 100 cups of tea...
Happy May to you may this next month find you smiling from ear to ear...

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