Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My favorite journals from the past..

 I was organizing my soon to be craft room and came across some old circle journals and mini books.. These are the ones that made me sit down. The mini albums that you just want to take in because you love them..Here are mine...
This was a circle Journal about my love for music...
Dave Mathews
John Mayer
Indigo Girls
The doors
Lenny Kravitz
according to my mini book these were my favorite musicians at the time..

Happy Together
This was about my friends and family at the time..

This mini album was look into my mind...Looking at it now its funny to me. 

OK this was circle journal and I wanted everyone to post all things that made them smile..
Mine were my kids and running and scrap booking..

This was fun to make because it was made out of plastic sheets..

So there you go..This is why we make journals and write stories in our blogs ...So we can look back and go ooohhhh
that was a great time in my life..
Hope you are having a great day..

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