Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Thoughts

Its the second week in April. Easter has passed and hopefully you have pretty nice weather to look forward to. I have chosen to make this an easy week for myself. A couple of things that are on my list are making some really good dinners for my kids . Laying on my couch hugging my kids. I do have work and all that but I want to organize and simplify and focus on what I love. I am training for two fun races this month. I  will show you all the pictures when they happen. I saw this picture today and thought of all the things I do get done and thought of whats most important in this world to me. That's spending time with my kids. I only have them 50 perfect of the time so yes I try to make it as special as possible. I miss them when they are not with me. Today we will have Easter since I didn't have them yesterday but that's OK because I planned an extra special day..When they walk in house they won't believe what the Easter bunny did... I guess what I am learning is that excuses are kinda dumb right ?? I want them to feel Easter with me and they will. If you want to make something happen sometimes you need to just be creative and figure it out. Life is not always rainbows and Unicorns but at least we have the power to make the best of whatever is handed to us. What I have learned that most of the times we have these big expectations when really what we have to offer a situation is enough. No excuses sometimes a little is a-lot. So there you go lots of stuff I have been thinking about. Happy Monday ..

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