Friday, April 6, 2012

What I am most grateful for..

April is here and do you feel a little more colorful this month.
I really feel like I need yellow flats ..
So here is what I am Grateful for at this moment.
Creating- Creating- Creating
Smash books
Embroidery Thread
Bright Materials
Handmade notebooks
Friends that will let you cry on there shoulder
Naps in the middle of the afternoon
Monday afternoon ( because I get pick up my kids from school)
Carmen's smile
I love it when my little sister is feeling good because she is all smiles and that makes me feel like I am doing something right.
The stories my kids write...
I am so happy that my daughter Paola and I are getting along so well. I love my beautiful big girl.
Have a great weekend..I am going on a long run with my dad in the morning and then we are having fish sandwiches..YUM
My dad has been running way faster than me this week so I have to step it up tomorrow.
Oh and guess what I am grateful for my friend Trish ..
check out her blog ..How nice is she...
Its nice to feel appreciated.

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