Tuesday, July 31, 2012

22 miles in pictures.

Sunday was my long run day(22.5 miles).  As part of my training and in preparation for my short and long term goals I had to do it.  By completing the run strongly I was able to build my confidence and quantify that my training is progressing in the right direction. I think training is like building a house, every run is like laying the foundation but a long run is like putting up a whole wall.  My hope is that by the time I get to my 50k ( Sept 22nd) my house will be built.  I believe that if you put in the work you can achieve your goals.  It is important to set yourself up for success.   In my book long runs require planning.  You have to buy goo and the right foods to eat along the way.  Then there is your liquids.  Personally, I use a camel back so that I do not have to carry a water bottle.  Water bottles can be annoying after an hour or so. God forbid you forget your music and don't forget to charge your iPhone. You also have to glide up.  After checking your list you are ready to go...  I turn on my GPS walk out my front door and I am off.  I would do this on a trail but I am afraid I will get lost.  I like running where there is traffic and people, I feel safer.  By the way any running done by my house is going to include lots of hills.  I ran from my house to the beach and along the way I saw lots of pretty sights.  Being a runographer (copyright pending) I took lots of pictures along the way.  It helps me pass the time.  My dad and couple from my Ragnar group met me with about 12 miles to go and paced me the rest of the way...  I love the picture that I took of my dad from Sunday(he is so cool).  He is so great for meeting me I like having a running companion.  The great news was I didn't have a tired moment.  I felt good and happy the whole way.  My girlfriends on Instagram sent me messages of encouragement which always makes me smile, I really do love running.  The other thing I started doing recently is taking an Epson salt baths after my runs.   It is so great for sore muscles... Thank you Charleen for that great tid bit of advice.  Well folks that's my long running story.  Have a great day.

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