Monday, July 30, 2012

Sublime Live

This weekend started out the way I way I want every weekend to start, Live Music.  I had heard a couple months ago that Sublime w/ Rome and Cypress Hill were coming to Chula Vista's Cricket Wireless Amphitheater.  Paola and I love Sublime. I remember running my first marathon and listening to them on my Walkman(remember those). We went to the venue and Jockeyed to purchase our tickets.  I thought to myself I hope it's not sold out thankfully it was not.  We had a-lot fun... knowing there are some groups that Paola and I both love helps me feel young.  These bands do bring together lots of crazy happenings.  I danced and I know Paola was thinking "Oh my Gosh how embarrassing my mom is dancing." The good thing is she knows if there is live music my booty is shanking. Paola looked really cute and I felt very much like a mom. ( I like that).  Saturday morning came quick and I had to wake up super early to drive to my Saturday  run.  Unfortunately, I didn't make it.  I guess I had to much fun the night before.   I allowed myself to sleep in and when I woke up I went for a shorter 10 mile run.  When I get home tonight I will post some pictures from Sunday and let you in on how making a dress is way harder than I thought. 
I leave you with an Extremely cool Sublime video. I know they are not for everyone but they make me want to run faster and dance more.  And that works for me...

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