Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey Summer..

Hi guys, Now that summer is here I will most likely not blog as much just because I don't have to many things to share. It feels a bit slower over here and my kids are hanging out with me all day.
We have made it a priority to take as many trips to the beach as possible but mostly in the afternoons. (after work) I love watching the sunset and grabbing bean burritos.  We just walk around with no plans other than being together. I have convinced myself that after 5 pm the day is mine. My only obligation after 5 is to my kids..I love that.

The other thing I love to do is to send mail. My friend Jen is doing this great project that has to do with mail love...Check it out here.
Love Notes

There is a lot of running taking place here. I love running. I love running with my dad. I love running with my friends early weekend mornings. I know that what I get from it is what I put into it and that works for me.

Summer time is also pedicure time..I love getting my nails done.

OK, so last week my dad and I ran the fourth of July Independence day run and I had my fastest 15k ever..I was super excited because I did it. I came in 17 out of 80 girls my age.. That makes me want to work harder and run more. 

Then when I get a little time I paint while my sister takes naps.
My friend Elena met me at the beach the other day.. Our plan was  to just hang out and do nothing. We hung out until 9 pm and laughed and tried to get a heart picture and we talked and talked.. I think summers are supposed to have special non planned evenings.

This summer is feeling slow so far.. I love that. The priorities in my life are Loving all that I do. 

I am making the best of my life.  Loving each day and doing my best to be present in all that I do. Its not always easy but If you just keep going forward, putting one foot in front of the other somehow eventually things work out .. Here are a couple pictures of my life lately.. 

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