Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mom + Kids + Running = Fun

You'll all be pleased to know that I have kept up my training.  Monday and Tuesday are typically my days off.  There is a fun run on Monday nights that takes place about 30 minutes from my house.  It has now become our family fun run night.  Now you should know my kids are not runners and they don't consider the run to be fun.  So I have been trying to make it fun for them and I think it's working. Yeah Me!!!  I helped them both pick out special clothes that are just for running.  Isabella has decided to barrow all my pink stuff.   Second thing I had to do was make sure they knew where we are starting and where the finish line is. I think they get that from me.  I like to know what's going on so I try not to surprise them during the run.  I try not to push them to hard because I want them to embrace running.  The third thing I do is I get really excited about going out with the group.   I always take the time to introduce them to the people we are running with.  It's so cool to me, when the owner of the store we meet at says "Hi King family, thanks for showing up."  I also like hearing "That a girl Bella" from one of the ladies who thinks Bella is such a cute runner.  The most important part about the fun run to my kids is... Where we eat after the run... So I tell them if you jog, limit your walking and most importantly don't whine... We will go out after our run... Guess what it works...
This week we went to SUBWAY.
It's simple but my kids love eating at Subway.  It's a treat for them to go out to dinner. All this stuff works and now they are excited about running on Monday nights. I need to say this for them. Like I said I don't push them, we jog about 2 miles in 40 minutes..maybe 2.5 miles.  I make sure they are having a good time.  No sad faces here.
Christopher said to me that this is our new family tradition... I guess the lesson for me is this... If I make it fun and respect their limits we can have family fun run night.. It's not the distance it's just being together... "Quality Time"

If you ever want to get your kids outside more, go with them.  Kids just want to be close with their parents...

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