Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A lil bit of growing up over here

                                Learning Learning Learning
Why does growing up just fly by?  The next thing you know you are 40, not married and you have 3 amazing kids. You are trying to make smarter choices and for some reason ...  Your insides are screaming really G?  Not only is it time to make smarter choices but I need to start taking owner ship for my poor choices.  I would like to share a story my girl friend told me. I hadn't talked to her in a while.  We went through a friendship breakup.  She said she missed me. I have been missing her as well.  I proceeded to ask her why we had not spoken.  I asked her why we hadn't talked.  She said G you stood me up for dinner...
Wow, really... that hurt!!!
I can't remember why I stood her up, but obviously I hurt her feelings and I feel horrible about that... The good news is we are having dinner Friday and I am going to take ownership and apologize for m actions.  I love my friend and it sucks that I hurt her. I am choosing to learn and grow from this life experience. Ignoring the situation does not work.  In fact it cost me dearly as I had not talked to my friend in years.  Heck and I didn't even know why we broke up.  I feel like a light went on in my head.  I am looking at things a little bit differently.  I am choosing to grow.

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