Monday, August 20, 2012

Americas Finest City Half Marathon

This was taken yesterday morning before the San Diego A.F.C half marathon. It's about 6 am and we are waiting for the bus to take us to the start of the race in Point Loma.  Let me just say we barely made it on to the last bus.  It is truly an amazing talent that I possess.  I don't know how I manage to barely make it on the last bus year after year..

This girl was funny she called herself the photo bandit.

This was the view from the last bus as we pulled up to the starting line... Can you see all the little runners?

One of my favorite photo's... It's my dad and I.. I felt like saying wonder twin power activate, shape of Cheetah, and my dad could be Ice water.   It was already 77 and humid at 6:30 in the morning...

Here I am in a running self portrait.  I was so hot at this point that I kept telling myself think about happy cold thoughts.  My reoccurring thought was jumping in my dads pool after. I it was really hot. You can train all you want but when it's hot and humid it totally messes with your mind...  To make matters worse my head phones broke because they got too wet.  I just wanted to finish.  My goal was to finish in an 1:50.  Do to the heat I changed my goal and hoped to finish under 2 hours. I finished just under 2:17.

I was so happy to see these ladies. I was fore sure happier to see them then they were to see me..

Yeah..another half bites the dust..This was not my best but it was not my worst. I know part of the problem was my legs were sore from all the training I have been doing. My legs were tired from the long run I did the day before. The fact is after I ran the 1/2 i went home took a nap and ran 6 more... After the race my dad and I had breakfast. It was great quality time and for us that is the important part. I hope you did something fun this weekend.

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