Thursday, August 2, 2012

Crafting and me

This is my 600th post on this BLOG
Yeah ME!!!

I really enjoy crafting.  I consider myself to be an ADD crafter. What's an ADD Crafter you ask?  I have a vast array of interests and never seem to stick to one kind of craft.  I just love it all! So when I see something I like fixate on it.  I Have to make, paint, crochet, write about, color or journal about it.  I was talking to a good friend today and we were discussing my journals.   At all the times I have three journals, water colors and a box of pens in my car.  It is comforting to have it so accessible.  There are times when I just need to retreat into my own little world.  Crafting is very therapeutic for me...  I am sure if you are following my blog you can relate.  I often journal about how I am feeling especially when I am looking to hide from the world.  This post was not supposed to be about journals or journaling... So let's get back to the subject.  I have been trying to make a dress for quite sometime.  It's not that easy peeps.  I bought a pattern that I liked and experimented on my daughters American girl doll.  Let me tell you making a dress for a doll is way easier than making one for myself.  The picture above was my first attempt at the dress.  Unfortunately I think it looks like a polka-dot moo moo on me. Today I made my second trip to Jo-anns fabric.  I have the vision of what I want in my head.  The problem is executing the vision into a reality.  Lucky for me Isabella's doll Kit was very happy with her dress :-) I have aspirations of making cute bags, paintings of Mexican girls and the crème de la crème is to be able to make a cute A line dress with lacy pockets.  Can you imagine if I didn't run... I would never leave my house... The great thing about my crafting obsession is all my kids are learning to use my sewing machine, they all love to paint and Isabella knows how to  crochet.

Have a Great Day!

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