Sunday, September 23, 2012

Noble Canyon 50k and me

I took this picture at about 6:45 am. I had already picked up my bib number #104. I also got some cool socks and a new running shirt. The weather was a little overcast but it was very nice to feel the cool breeze. My biggest fear was that it would get to hot. I do not do well in heat. 

Here is the starting line.. I can spot about 4 people I know in this picture. I thought it was cool that at 7 am they said OK..5 4 3 2 1 Start. There was about 150 runners. The vibe was really cool. Everyone was so nice.  It is unusual for runners to say "good morning" the day of a race but not here.  I felt so relaxed.. Let me tell you that I almost threw up twice in the car on the way to the race, my tummy was a mess.  I was trying to be tough but  I was so nervous that I wouldn't finish the race. Having other runners say good morning and good luck helped me relax.  The group of people that came to run Saturday morning are all good people. The first 2 miles where through the camp grounds.  I said good morning to a bunch of runners and settled in between two girls.  It takes me about 3 miles to find my pace.  So having a flat couple miles in the beginning was the perfect way to start.  I like to ease into a race.  I was so observant of all the other runners. There were all sizes, all ages, fast runners, slow runners all here for the same goal "finish."  Everyone just wants to do their best and run their own race.  I love looking in front of me and then behind me and what I see are majestic mountains and beautiful runners... I was in heaven.

It was a technical trail. Technical trails are narrow, dirt and rocky paths offering every variety of challenge that most people associate with trail running.  So I had to keep looking down to avoid tripping and falling on rocks. I ran a lot with my arms out to help me with my balance.  I didn't look very graceful but hey.. I didn't fall..  Along the way I had six GU's with me(w/ roctain).  I only needed 4 which means I was feeling great. I also had plenty of salt tablets with me and those would prove to be key. It looks warm in this picture but it was really nice.. There were only a couple times that the clouds were not covering the sun. This picture picture was one of those times.. Honestly the weather could not have been better.

This is how I felt most of the race..Happy to be there ..

It was beautiful out there. I prayed and I just felt so grateful. You know I spend about 35 hours a week with my sister. She has never walked and she can't talk or tell me how she feels.  After her operation last year she can't eat solid food anymore.  When I am out here in this beautiful canyon I feel really grateful.  Here I am running  and living my life. I always think I am so lucky. My sister will never get to experience anything like this and that sucks so I try my hardest with her in mind. 

Beautiful.. I never really got tired or felt bad. I did get a bad road rash on my back from the camel back in combination with the sport bra I was wearing . There were lots of aid stations and they had everything you needed. They even told you what you needed if you were to tired to say so. These people are trained to help you out. The second half was hard. It was mostly up hill but you just have to keep going and try not to walk to slow or sit down. I never sat down and I avoided walking as much as I could but I walked. I was surprised every time I looked up. It was so pretty and green. There was a stream and huge trees that provided much wanted shade. San Diego honestly has so much to offer. I kept thinking that I really need to bring my kids out here. This was and is an amazing canyon.

Here I am right before the finish line. I ran half of the race with my running bra undone because it was seriously chafing my back. I kept thinking about leaving my Nathan along the path because it stung but I decided to just suck it up. I knew I was about 2 miles out and I was so excited that I ran as fast as I could. My dad was waiting for me at the finish line.  He told everyone that is my daughter Gloria... so when I was running in all these strangers started cheering for me. It was such a cool moment..I did everything I could not to cry..

Here I am..Can you tell how I feel? Oh and by the way you have to kiss the Rat when you finish.. That Rat got lots of action..Yes I kissed it and it was a loud MUAH !!! Kiss

My finishing time was 7:37. That is what I expected. Thanks to the everyone who took the time to put this together. The organizers did a great job putting this race together. I felt secure and safe and it was marked really well.. I made some new friends John, Jeff, Mary and Cathy . I had a great time and I am looking forward to doing it again next year...I am so proud. I did something I never thought I could do but always wanted to do. I did all my training and it paid off. I finished!!! What did I learn about life during this whole experience???
Do not be afraid to work hard and dream big.  I did and I got a cool medal with a rat on it..

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