Thursday, October 18, 2012


I was talking with my friend the other day and I asked him what he was the most afraid of and he said being average. I can not seem to get that thought out of my head. I keep thinking is there something wrong with being average. I consider myself to be average and I am content with that. There are a couple things in my life that I just cant seem to get enough of. My children, running and crafting . I feel that I am not an average mom and I hope we all feel that way about the way we love our kids. I know no one can love them as much as I do. I think all moms must feel the same way so we will take the children factor out. If you are reading this and think where is she going with this..I do not know.
I love to run. I have loved running for about 9 years now. I love it for about 9 months a year until I get burned out and I stop only to realize a couple of months later how much I miss it and I go back. I also know I work hard at being able to get strong enough to run the distances I do. When I run a marathon or a half or some fun trail run I usually find I come in right in the middle. I am not the slowest and I am not the fastest. When I run I always look around and I feel I am in the middle of the pact. I work hard to be in the middle.. If you look at where I came in its in the middle. So this makes me average . I have always loved that. I think how cool I am right here not the best and not the worst but having a great time..A Perfect place for me.
I also love to craft. I always have and I think I am an average creator of things. If I can learn to crochet watching you tube videos anyone can.. I am an OK at it I am not amazing but it fills me up . In this world where there seems so much thrown at us its finding those things that we love and not judging ourselves when we try that can definitely fill us up. I am often afraid I will lose my passion because its so much of what makes me happy. I believe in being average . The possibilities are endless. When I go into something It takes me a while to get it but I think to myself its OK because think of how much you have to learn G..I guess I often feel average and I am totally cool with it. Its just me sometimes I am a bit slow other times I am right on it. The trick is not to lose the love you have for what you do. OK so I guess when my friend told me that was his fear it scared me a little. I thought oh man is there something wrong with average..Then I figured it out..There is nothing wrong with it..Its actually kind of cool. That is what I had to share with you this fine Thursday afternoon. I hope you had a nice today at work and that somehow this made your day a bit better..

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