Monday, October 29, 2012

Hodges 15k race report

I got up at 6 am this morning. Thats a little late for race day but lucky me this was only about a ten minute drive away. Some of my friends ran the 50k this morning so I was feeling relieved I was not thats because I would not have ready. So I got ready and took my hand held grabbed a carrot cup cake and in the car I went. I thought I was running late but I was an hour early. That was a great way to start of my day being early. I am rarely early.
My girl friend Charlene was at the race to watch her husband run the 50k so she got a picture of me running. That's me with the cool socks. I liked this race for many reasons. The first is the weather was perfect at 8:30am. The high was 85 today and that was at 12:30 so I am guessing it was around 70 this morning. The other thing I liked was even though I have ran this course many times it was well marked. They had a couple aid stations and I think the race director did a good job for his having this be the inaugural Hunt for Hodges race. I started out in the middle of the pack this time. I usually go near the back because I do not want to hold anyone back but today I told myself to go ahead and try to get in the middle. I felt good the entire time and paced myself behind this guy who was running at a little faster pace than I would go but I though so what G. Just try a little harder and I was fine. When I got to the turn around point I saw my friends mom volunteering at the aid station and I gave her a big hug because she was cheering for me. That made me happy. On my way back I pushed a little and put on some good tunes. Lake Hodges is really pretty in the morning before it gets hot. Running looking around and having some tunes on was perfect.

I felt like I finished strong. I felt like wow its over all ready. 9 miles goes by quick when your having fun.

I was happy with my time . This would be my fastest 15k.

Now all we had to do was wait for our friends to come in. It was a  good day.
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