Monday, October 1, 2012

I tri-ed.. De-Soto

I did the De Soto  sprint -tri this past Sunday.  My girlfriend Ally asked me if I would do it with her a couple months ago and I got excited and said YES. The first thing I do when I really want to make myself do a race is pay for it. If you pay you have to show up, right ? When I pay I make myself find the courage I need do it. I thought I would have plenty of time to train. I did have plenty of time to train but I did not swim. I am an good backyard swimmer, heck we had a pool growing up. You get the picture. I was definitely nervous about swim. I was happy that it was a short distance, 400M. So here I am in the water bobbing up and down waiting for them to tell us to go when a fellow female swimmer tells me. It's perfectly OK to just take your time and enjoy the swim... This will all be over before you know it. There is the universe telling to just go with it G.  Next thing you know tI am swimming with a bright pink cap on my head in San Diego's Mission Bay.  I kept thinking how much I liked swimming and how cool it would be to learn how to do it right. I swallowed a ton of water and to be honest I think I suck at swimming.  When I reached the sand I thought, wow that was fun..
Next came the transition from water to bike. I ran to my bike and tried to take my wet suit off but it was so hard to take off.  I finally did it, dried myself off, put my shoes on and went for my bike ride. It was easier than the swim and I still had to look forward to my run.  I forgot to eat that morning so I was hungry but I just kept going.  After a strong bike ride I got back to the transition area and quickly hung my bike up and changed shoes then I was off.  I was just enjoying myself and taking it all in. I never saw my friend Ally during the race but I kept looking for her. I did see some special people that were there to both support and cheer me on.  I started running and I noticed my legs felt wobbly.  It took me about ten minutes to get my legs under me and the next thing you know the race was over.  It was fun and I would like to try again since I have so much room for improvement.  I can only get better right?  I went home and took the best nap ever. I was so tired I passed out for 2 solid hours. I am having a lot of fun showing up for these events and doing my best. The hardest part for me is always getting out of my car. Once I get out of the car and I go get my stuff ready I am in the zone. I do feel like this part of me is changing.  It isn't as hard for me to get out of the car as it used to be.  I can't explain it but as soon as I figure it out I will share.  I think it has to do with being courageous..

 I almost forgot this event was well organized and they did a great job letting pros and newbies do their thing. The event people helped you out the entire time and, with the exception of a few overly competitive and rude male cyclist, the people were very nice. I would do this event again for sure..

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