Monday, November 5, 2012

26.4 Miles of an Organized Fun Run

Saturday morning was an early morning. We drove up to the mountains and we needed to be there by 6am. This means I needed to be up and showered by 5:30am ( I have to take a shower or I just have a hard time waking up) I have to have coffee and have all my stuff ready..Oh I also have to eat something. Luckily I was not driving so I just got to enjoy the drive..with my eyes closed. 
I feel like I am new to running on trails. I am really afraid of getting lost so I have stayed away from running in the mountains alone for this reason but organized trail runs or races are different because you get a very detailed map and they mark the whole trail for you. I still somehow manage to get off track just a bit but I always find my way back. I just feel way better about knowing I am not alone and on a trail run all I have to do if I feel lost is either wait for another runner or go back to the last marker. This getting lost thing has been a huge fear for me to get over. I ran the Mount Laguna Marathon fun run this Saturday and I feel I am still on my runners high. I am so tired but I am so happy. A couple things I really liked about this run is first  of all I liked how we all 60 runners got together in little  auditorium and they explained to us all about the run . How it came to be and all the safety requirements. I loved how they reminded everyone  not to litter and to take good care of the trail. It made me feel like we were all running together not against each other. This seems to be the biggest difference to me between road races and trail races. I don't feel that competitiveness that separates people. These races to me do not give that vibe. They seem to be more laid back and family like. I hope that makes sense. 

See the pink ribbon that was the marker that kept me from getting lost. The weather was perfect it looks hot in these picture but it was cool. It was great because I felt rested and therefor I knew I would be fine. The first 15 miles I ran with friends and met new ones too. I met this lady who was 63 years old running with her friend that was 70 and this was there training run . I asked for what and she told me how she always wanted to run the rim to rim.. Thats the Grand Canyon.. Crazy great hu.. She told me about how healthy and great she felt and how her friend who was 70 was in great shape and now was the time so they would spend this Thanksgiving running the Grand Canyon. I love stories like these. They inspire me to keep running and keep dreaming.

I am always trying to find the right clothes for these types of runs. I have found that for me the target champion sports bra are my favorite. I wore capris for the first time too and they were ok but I prefer shorts. I have to try all these combinations of clothes so I can get comfy. I wore my camelback over a tank top and I did not chafe either..Nice

I took this picture at mile 16 I think. I could not have felt happier on a run. I would just turn in a circle and look all around and I would smile. You know that feeling when someone is playing an acoustic guitar solo and it just feels good inside your soul and moves you because it sounds so good that's what I felt when looking at the view..Overwhelmed with all the beauty that surrounded me.

I ran at about a 13 minute mile pace. This pace allows you to take it all in..and this also seems to be the pace I can go at and not get tired.. I know I will have to practice running faster on trails soon but for now this pace is working just fine. I feel lucky that I did not hit the wall or feel bad at any point of this run. The biggest thing I have to work at is not looking down so much because my back really starts to hurt after a while. Not looking down will come with time. It means I will have to work at trusting my footing when running. Practice Practice Practice
There was a part of the trail where you are surrounded by trees and your stepping on leaves and its yellow and orange all around you. I was digging my surroundings. I was feeling so blessed and lucky.. so corny but I spend most of my days with my sister and she has never been able to walk or talk so when I get to enjoy stuff like this I just feel lucky and so grateful.

Even though it was a fun run it was still the length of a marathon so someone hand made these medals. I think this is one of my favorite medals and I know it is also my favorite trail runs. I do love running when it does not get hot..the heat is no bueno for me

Mount Laguna Trail marathon fun run was a huge success if you ask me. Oh I ran it in 6 hours and yes I was ready to be done but at the same time I could of just hung out there for a while... Experiences like these leave me wishing I had an RV or a cabin in the woods ..One day ..

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