Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ragnar Race Report.

The Loffers
That is the name of this really funny group of runners. We made our way to Las Vegas Thursday morning. Our mission was to run the Ragnar Las Vegas. 12 people running 200 miles in 24 hours.

So on our way we go. The way it works is there are 12 people and two vans. 6 people per van. Van 1 gets the first 18 legs and then we hand of the bracelet to Van 2 they run the next 18 and so on. There is not much sleep going on because when you drop of your runner you need to support him or her. 

This year’s Ragnar Relay Las Vegas course is even more scenic and runner friendly than ever.  Teams start at the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort on Mt. Charleston and run down from 8500 feet into the valley below, taking in the views and conquering the challenging terrain.

It was so so so cold. Here we are its 7 am and its like 30 degrees it's also super windy..My poor dad had the first leg and he was also really sick but its a team run so he ran anyway and we hoped he would be ok.

and there he goes of like The Flash. Its very cool watching your dad take part in such a challenging race with you. I cried when I saw him go because I love  being such a huge part of his life. We do things together and the result are great memories.
I want to tell you my dad killed it. He finished 8 minutes ahead of his scheduled time and he did not get sick until after he was done.

This is Gil our team captain. 

This is Natalie and Victoria and Christine. They were in my Van. Van 1 thats the one I was in was made up of 4 girls and two men. Gil and my dad. You can tell in there smiles how lucky we were feeling.

The whole team thing really came through in our Van. You cant tell but Natalie at this point had torn something in her foot but she was a trooper and finished her leg. This was the only leg she would run during this trip. She was injured really bad but she still stayed in the Van for 24 hours helping out and cheering us on. That says a-lot about a person. She is a great team member.

This is me. I think this picture says it all.

I am a happy girl right now.

This is the exchange ...Hanna was in the other Van she is the girl with the turquoise head band. She was the youngest runner with us. She was also an amazing runner. Her mom was with her in there van and they have a really sweet relationship. I hope one day I can run with one of my girls.

I love this picture its Victoria handing of to Hannah.

After we finished our first turn we go back to the van hang out and wait a couple hours .. We eat and talk then eat some more. I almost forget you take as many naps as possible.

 It was so cold.
The sky was beautiful. The night was cold but so clear. You could see all the stars. I really liked the fact that this was more like an adventure run.

This is Christine..Cold and happy.
This is me before my night run. I was so cold I had on 3 shirts and gloves and a north face hat and a north face jacket. I have not done much night running so yes I was super duper over dressed. I got to mile 2 and I had taken of my jacket and shirt and hat. My peeps had great van support they met me soon and took all the extra clothes.. Lesson learned when running one warms up really quickly.

Now its the next day and leg 3 is under way...

This is Gil.. I am telling you running makes you want to jump with joy.

Here I am again. My last leg was 10 miles and I was sad that this whole experience would soon be over..So I told myself to take it easy and just be present. 

Thats me in the blue. I had about a mile to go and I passed the girl in front of me and did not let the bald man on left pass me. I feeling a little competitive..It was fun.

The terrain was beautiful. Las Vegas is pretty nice.

This is the finish line and that Anita on our team crossing the finish line .

Here is my killer medal. Its a bottle opener too.
I really like doing this but you have to be a part of 12 people you like. You end up spending a lot of time with your group member in a really small space. You have to work well together and be willing to help out every chance you get so that its a good experience for everyone..This race is a-lot of work.. I ran 26 miles  and that as not as hard as not sleeping to much and having to be in a van for so many hours. Your body get tight. I am really lucky I was able to be with such a cool group of runners and that we all got along.  Running can take you many places and this time it took me to vegas...

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