Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why I run

When I decided to take on this challenge to run for 30 days straight I did so for a bunch of reasons. I read this article that made sense to me.  It stated that running consecutive days can improve my long distance and reduce the chances of me hitting the wall. That is all I need to hear.  I was like... I am in. The other reason I did it is because I like having that routine in my life.  Running provides me with me time. There is a part of me that thinks I am being selfish, but than there are health benefits, stress release and I just feel more stable and energetic... I don't know how to explain it but I feel that running along side the beach makes me a better person and a better mom.  Running along the beach as the sun sets takes away all the negative crap in my head. My dad always says that if you run far enough it's like having a Q-tip in your head that takes all the dust away.
The other reason I run is because I have made a conscious decision to lead a healthier life.  I used to be a McDonald's girl. My kids and I would go to KFC for dinner once a week.  I still love Fast Food but I am trying to make good choices for both my kids and I.  I have noticed a difference in the whole all of our bodies. Don't get me wrong I still have my daily cup of McDonald's coffee...
I feel that running has giving me so much freedom... I put on my shoes and I go. 
Sometimes while running I pray, other times I day dream or plan and sometimes I just remember what used to be... It's the perfect activity for me...
Today, with the encouragement of a dear friend, I signed up for my first 50 miler.  A huge part of me thinks I am crazy. Than there is another part that is really excited about the challenge..

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