Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SeaSide Soiree

This past weekend was so much fun. I was able to attend a Sea side Soiree and Art retreat put on by Elena Lai. She runs a non profit called Charity Wings to learn more about Elena and her work go here.. The project you see above was created by Jennifer Priest . She has been my friend for several years and she is such a  talented artist..

One of the reasons I was so excited about attending this retreat was this wonderful artist, who I now call my friend, was teaching.
Her name is Danita Arts

This very sweet soul was teaching us about painting. She created a wonderful piece of art in about 20 minutes and we were all in heaven watching her create it. I really enjoyed how much information she gave us and how she took the time to explain the process. The theme of the Sea Side Soiree was mermaids.    All of us painted little Danita's girls with beautiful fish tails. I recommend this event for a 2 reasons. The first one it's affordable. The 2nd is everyone was very kind and the group had a creative buzz to it. 

I love when to watch an artist create a piece in front of me. I feel as though I really get to see their creative process. Danita was  present and very patient with all of her on lookers.
This was my creative space. Notice my McDonald's ice coffee.

The creative space that Elena provided for us, over looking the beach in La Jolla California, was magical.. 

This was the mermaid I created with Danita's help. 

This project was lead by Jen Cushman

I also made an Ice Resin medallion.. There were lots of little things made for us by other students.  I made so many new friends and had a great time catching up with old ones.  I really had a great time at this event.  This led me to think how great it would be to paint and run at the same time... Man I would be a happy camper.. Have a great tuesday..

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