Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Go away Winter Blues..

 This time of year is always harder for me.. Christmas is gone and all the celebrating has come to a stop. I find myself feeling just a bit sad and tired. I was reading about this thing called winter blues and here is what I learned. They say that during this season we have to surround ourselves with our happy tools. I thought about what things just help keep my mood I thought I would share..
This is huge. I know many people just do not like to exercise but we cant always just do what we like. Sometimes we have to make ourselves do what we know is good for us. It is crazy how good just getting outside is for us. A short walk , a light stroll. Moving your body feeds our inner being with happy food.
What we Eat.
I struggle with this but I am trying to change my eating habits.
I eat a salad once a day and I have taken McDonald's almost completely out of my food vocab. I drink only water and I will have 1 beer a week or a glass of red wine.. One of the worst things for you as a girl is binge drinking..It messes up your skin. Makes you retain water and if you drink a lot of a Saturday you don't fully recover until Wednesday. That means your sad and swollen..Yuck
Have something to look forward too.
Having something to look forward to always help. Specially if your stuck inside because of the weather. A special coffee date. Maybe a day at the spa. Sign up for a race or a night out on the town. My local coffee shop has Tuesday night newbie night. I took my kids and it was so fun..So that's what we are looking forward doing next week. 
This is huge. I am 40 and I get it. We need to sleep. Lots of rest is a good thing.You wake up happier and you look better when you get a good night sleep.
Dress up 
I know that when we feel sad or bad the last thing we want to do is dress up. I promise you it always helps. Mascara and a cute dress and you feel better..and more productive..
There you go..I work hard to be happy and these things are my go to tools..
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