Thursday, January 31, 2013

Self-doubt beware.....

The whole artist thing is a blast but for some of us it comes with this huge bubble of self doubt...I know it is a learning process and I love that part of this story. Learning is great because you pick up all these new ways to make what you love look they way you think it should. Then comes the hard part..We think it should look a certain way and maybe after enough practice it will but we need to practice practice practice to get there. You know the ugly stage of  painting or a scrapbook page that just will not come together. I think we need to go through that as an entire phase in our learning or finding our style or honestly I think just accepting what we create as being good enough. I know this is just lots of words and they are difficult to practice but maybe if we have a road map letting us know what is ahead it will be an easier road to travel on..
I have sighed up for a couple classes this year. All of them I hope will help me accept whatever my hands create. I keep thinking what will be my challenge for the month of February and here it is. I will be sharing everything I paint or draw. I will do lots of water coloring with my left hand.. I think that will help me somehow. Maybe I read it in some article or maybe I am making it up. I am not sure but I just like the idea of it. Its funny when you want to get better at something  because your passionate about it . Its also interesting how maybe its just a matter of self acceptance.. We have to keep moving forward on our journey..even if its baby steps they are still steps. So here we go peeps we are going into the second month of 2013 and I am going to choose to love whatever comes. If ever figure out how to pop my self doubt bubble I promise you will be the first person I tell but for now I think I just need to keep on trying..accepting and believing that I am enough..
The classes I joined this year are.

                                   The Life Book 2013
                                   Be your own beloved by Vivianne 
                                   True Free Spirit Girl by Mindy

All of these classes have a similar theme. I honestly did not get that until last night. Self Acceptance and self love. The little fairy above is from The life book and she is going to be my fairy God mother of my art. You can still join any of these classes. 
I just want to write one last thing.. Do not give up on your dreams. You might not be completely clear on what your dreams are but you know it has to do with art because you love it.. Right , me too.
We must remember to be patient with ourselves and how  cool that we still have that bridge within us that allows us to connect with that younger girl in us that loved to draw or make jewelry or paint or draw.
            One of the feelings I love about running is that in those moments I can be any age.. I ran when I was little I run now its my timeless bridge to happiness...Creating art has that ability to let us be any age. You can paint when your 3 and you can paint when your 103.. Art has a timeless bridge that we can cross anytime we chose too..
How cool is that....
( pretty girl by Bella age 7)
So since tomorrow is the LOVE month.. I am choosing to try and work hard on letting go of any acceptations..
My mantra will be..
My creations are good enough.
Have a wonderful last day of kind to yourself.

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