Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Art Walk in North park

Saturday night I went to an Art Walk in North Park. It was cool they had Project Figment there. They do interactive art. So everything in there booth is consistently changing because people keep adding to it. They educate people on art awareness.

In this picture they knitted a cover over a frame and you write your desires on it and weave it through. I cant tell you mine or it wont come true !!

Here we are..Elena and me. 

This is North Park at night. Its this groovy part of San Diego. They have lots of bars, restaurants, art studios , vintage shops, coffee shops and dessert bars...YUM

This was a painting on the wall and all I can think when I look at it is if I was cartoon I would want hair like this..

It was a fun night and I am glad I went. Its been a while since I went out on the town...By the way I have a huge surprise to tell you about this weekend and I am also getting a blog facelift :)

This is me taking time to smell the roses....

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