Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday's post on Monday

This St.Patricks Day was a blur..
It started of by getting up at 6:am and getting ready to go run the Hooleys half marathon. My friend ally came to my house and three of us road together to fancy Escondido. My dad was waiting for us because he is almost always early. It was a little chilly out but that's great when you are running because you warm up really fast. My dads plan was to run with me but I knew I would this would be a run I would take at a much slower pace than usual. Kathy Loper puts on a lot of races in San Diego and she does a great job this race was no different.

Kathy Loper races are well organized , affordable and they give you great bling. I almost forget they are usually small races..Believe me its better to run with 11hundred people than 20 thousand. (thats my preference ).. My dad loves running halfs so this was the most perfect way to start of his Birthday. Here is a small fact about my dad. He is full Irish and born on St. Patricks day and his name is Michael Patrick..The other small fact about my dad is he loves celebrating his special day..So thats what we did...

After the run I went home got my little family ready and made some food and drove an hour to my dads house for his Party. I was so happy that everyone showed up for him..The whole family crew was there..We ate and laughed and watched old family movies. 

So happy Birthday Dad...We Love you so much....

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