Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sharing my Smash Book with you

Getting back to the normal ins and outs of the day are not as fun as being on vacation. I like hanging all day with my kids and having my main thought being where will we hike and what will we eat , but going back to working is what one must do...I was really good about writing everything we did so that I could get it all in my scrapbook before I forgot. I actually started this weekend can you believe it... I used to be a huge scrapbook addict.. I will never stop loving paper and glue and a scrapbook paper ... 

I got most of it finished so this week I will be sharing my Smash book with you. This is the larger format book. 

I also journal ed most of our journey so now that my printer works I was able to print out my daley entries there in there too.

Our first stop was Vegas...More to come tomorrow.. I hope you have been well I really do..

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