Thursday, April 11, 2013

To live in color

I was hanging out with my kids and we decided to paint. I wanted to paint with lots of color .. I wanted to paint a girl. I really need to find a way to make time in the day when I am feeling it to paint and create. Having to work gets in my creative way man. 
My girl is crooked I know but she is bright and happy.. Sometimes you have to do things that just make you happy for no reason. When I buy a house I am going to color all the walls bright different colors. I want it to be bright and happy.. I have it I am this Indian color warrior and I usually walk with my head slanted so it all makes sense now..
Today I went to Target to buy a dress for my sister in laws get together and I decided I do not like black.. I just feel like I am going to a funeral or something. I like living in color .. Whats your favorite color ? mine is bright Orange. I just love Orange..

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