Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend Stuff

Good Morning.
Are you excited for the weekend. I am sitting in McDonald's close to the hospital waiting for my sister because she has a doctor apt today.  As I was driving down here I was thinking of what my family could do this weekend to make it special. Here is what I came up with.. I don't think I have ever made a pizza.. So maybe Bella Christopher and I could try making a pizza. My BFF can make a good pizza so Ill do my best but that sounds like fun to me. Red Box movie night on Saturday and I think a bike ride for my kids while I walk sounds like fun. Oh I almost forget Bella wants to make a doll this weekend so I have asked my friend Jen who is so good with fabric to please come over and help us with that. Then on Sunday I have Painting class and my dad will be taking my kids to the pool and I am sure something fun. He is the best grandpa ever. He loves hanging out with them. So sounds like a busy fun weekend right. I like that..I hope you have a fun weekend and be safe ...
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