Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Welcome May

I love the month of May
and its here !!
This month is going to be full of so many wonderful things . Its warm now most of the time. The good San Diego weather is
here. I am going to be 41 this month and my son is going to be 12.  Two birthdays equal an overnight trip to Disneyland. May also brings the most important holiday..
Mothers Day !!
So I have two crafting classes planned and two painting classes.
One trip to an epic craft Fair in Oceanside .
Oh and I almost forgot my kids and I will be going to The Waffle cart next weekend. I just found out about this cute place in Carlsbad called the Waffle cart and I heard they have the best Nutella Waffles in town. So many things to look forward to..
Its the Awesome month May and it is here...
Oh my gosh I almost forgot to share this with you. I read that if you write down 5 things you are grateful for every night for 2 weeks it actually helps you stay happier.. You are nicer to yourself and others and it helps you become more optimistic. So I will be trying this out starting tomorrow May 1st. It sounds like the perfect thing to start out this wonderful month with. I am wishing you a month full of good health and love..
So lets welcome May with open arms..
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