Monday, April 1, 2013

Welcoming April with a road trip

Good Morning and Happy April !!
How was your Easter Sunday ? I had pretty much a great Sunday of course there where some small incidents that made it very real and not so perfect but life is not perfect after all but it was for the most part a great Easter. I have been planning a road trip for about a month. I am what I would call a last minute planner that means I plan a little bit at a time and I just hope it all works out. My kids and I will be driving to Boulder Colorado in about an hour. I am just letting them sleep in because I do not mind not leaving super early. I hope to document our one week Road Trip and I am thinking that most of it will be here . The thing I am the most worried about is getting lost. So when God was handing out the navigation gift he skipped me. With that in mind I am doing my best to plan the driving part out so I do not get lost. I packed very light and so did my kids. We have pillows and healthy snacks and yes...Everyone in the car has there electronic gadget with them. You can only fight it so much with three kids all over 10 I feel the best way to control the whole tech situation is by having rules or expectations of how much time and whats allowed to be played on these things.. My kids are totally into drawing so we have our coloring stuff and our journals... This Spring Break will be spent with mom driving from San Diego to our final destination Boulder Colorado..
I have crazy excited vibes inside of me..

Wish me Luck.

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